7 KPop Christmas Songs That Boost Your Festive Excitement

Kpop for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner of this month and soon it will hit the world. However, have you been prepared for all your Christmas songs? No worries! This blog will highlight some of the best Kpop songs to make your Christmas Eve more happening and entertaining for you.

Double your Christmas celebration fun by adding some of the amazing Kpop songs to your playlist and rock the evening. So take a look back at some of the most memorable songs that will get you into the Christmas spirit.

7 Kpop Christmas Songs That Perfectly fits This Festive Season:

1. HaHa, Oh My Girl

HaHa is the most popular Kpop Christmas song from the adorable girls’ team of Oh My Girl. This song was originally sung by the Fin.K.L, “White” but Oh My Girls team has given it a melody fusion of classical and pop that will perfectly put you in the Christmas Spirit.

2. Mamamoo- Draw & Draw & Draw

It may not be considered specifically as a Christmas songs, but the jazzy music of this beautiful composition will directly turn on your party mood. The outstanding performance of Draw’s will definitely double your party fun and help you create the perfect ambiance in your party.

3. Crayon Pop- “Lonely Christmas”

Crayon pop group has make their helmets more interesting and colorful in this album to boost the festive feel. The lovely red and green Christmas color theme will cheer up your party feel and boost your festive excitement.

4. 2Bic- Lonely Christmas

The male vocal due 2BiC is a perfect song for those who have been planning to send their Christmas night alone. It’s a song asking to get back together after a breakup and gives you the strong consoling feeling.

5. Red Velvet’s Wendy- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Wendy puts her own flair on the famous carol ” Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. This song has been beautifully featured with the piano and jazzy music to make it perfect for the Christmas Eve. Her vocal in this song is just simply Wow.

6. Girls Generation- Dear Santa

Sometimes some music companies come up with the collaborative Christmas songs in which their fans can see their favorite idols from the different music groups singing together. And Dear Santa is also one of those group songs that has been sung by some of the amazing singers.

7. SF9- So Beautiful

The FNC entertainment rookie boys group has come up with the special digital Christmas single for their fans. So get ready for the Christmas and celebrate your Eve with this amazing song.

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These are the few best Kpop Christmas songs that can turn up your Christmas excitement and make your evening really memorable.

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