50 Strippers Dance To Sistar’s Shake It At Funeral

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Yes you read that correctly… at a funeral.

Son of 76-year-old Tung Hsiang, a former chairman of the Chiayi County Council, hired 50 Strippers at part of the funereal. 50 strippers were hired by the former official's son to commemorate the man's 'love for life'

Tung Hsiang passed away on December 14th and his funeral was held on January 3rd. His son stated his father enjoyed life and lived it to the fullest therefore he wanted to sent him of with a lively and fun ceremony to represent his fathers life. He also said that his father had died from an illness and he was incredibly popular.

The 50 Exotic dancers were carried by 50 jeeps and 150 other vechicles were involved in the ceremony. The video shows the strippers dancing to Sistar’s shake it.


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