5 reasons why whitewashing should stop

Whitewashing refers to the edit of making idols skin look more lighter then it actually appears.
some Kpop fan site do not do this and have to result in asking others to not whitewash their image, yet this is ignored by most.


here are “5 reasons why whitewashing should stop”

1. Deception to fans
Most fans that don’t get the opportunity to see idols in real life get the wrong impression of them. It’s bad enough photo-shoots are whitewashed even fans are starting to do it. Some Korean fan sites that take pics of idols rarely upload their real skin colour and international fans re-edit original pics to white wash them more. Luckily some fans try to recover the (close to) original photos! Have a look:




2. Questioning what’s real.

cr: (x)
Some fans get shocked when members, who see each other in real life, call another member “dark(er)” this is because in photos they’re whitewashed which makes groups look somewhat racist whenever mentioning skin colour. This has been an issue to some groups such as exo’s Kai, some members call him dark, kai is darker them most kpop idols but many fans dont realize how much darker he actually is.

fan gif vs real video gif:
 if you saw the the fan gif only you’d questions why the member constantly comment on kai being the darker member, Some members have fault when talking about skin colour but fans are no different when they change his skin colour.


Dara, same event – different photographers (screen shot from original video vs fan site)

3. Pressure on fans

Cl, original vs re-edited by online fan

Korean beauty standard is already too much but to add pressure to fans due to false assumption of “perfection”. Fans may be deceived and may feel pressure to look like that, the reality is far from it.
check out what this fan said on tumblr:


4. Pressures on idol
By doing this, fans are creating a fantasy character for themselves. Their editing is not what the idol looks like but what they want them to look like. It shows that they are not happy with how the idols looks like. This is not what a fan is.




5. unwanted attention 
This may not seem as important as the ones above but it could cause unwanted attentions to the more tanned idols that don’t get whitewashed by fans . Not every group have fans that edit their photo. So when compared to those that are whitewashed they look darker causing to be viewed as ‘unattractive’ to certain beauty standards.

for example: This is a photo of sistar that isn’t whitewashed and all the comments are are focusing on their skin colour, if less idols got whitewashed, comments like this may be reduced  as it may slowly become a common beauty! Media plays a big influence on beauty standards what most fans need to know is makeup along with editing is whats creating that ‘beauty standard’.


thank you for reading and be sure to share this if you agree!

to end this a kpop fan created a beautiful way to appreciate the true beauty of kpop idols, check it out:
source & credit: thekpopgames

Originally started by Kameelah Janan Rasheed, “flexin’ my complexion” was used to uplift the spirits of young black men and women to accept their skin color, and her simple words served as inspiration for me to create one for kpop idols. Many kpop idols, more than the ones listed above are teased and ridiculed for their skin color and complexion. They are expected to uphold the high beauty standards of korea to have fair and smooth skin. The concept of this graphic is to show that idols are just as human as we are, and they do not deserve to be kept in the grasps of beauty standards. I hope that one day, idols of many colors are able to accept their appearance, and I hope we can too. © insomnia

exo kai
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    Hello, I’m the one who made the Sehun edit. I’m happy that you posted my edit to spread awareness about whitewashing, but please make the credit a little more clear since it is my work after all. Otherwise, nice article! ~S

    1. kpopcornyellow

      hi, thank you for liking the article, i have given credit to all the photos used in this article please click the photo to see that it redirects them to the owner of the photos, if you’d like me to also add it in the writing id be glad to do so.


        It’s really not that big of a deal, but I’d most likely prefer it if you did. Thank you :)

  2. Melaninjungkook

    Hey thanks for using my Jungkook edit! I’m really happy people are usin my edits to spread awareness about whitewashing and the harm it causes. :) – Admin Golden Maknae of melaninjungkook

  3. Moondoyu

    I’m like probably the only one that likes the after photo #whiteskin

  4. Rose

    I actually think it’s attractive how the skin tones differ in that photo of Sistar

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