5 Original Soundtracks of Korean Dramas That Make You Feel Emotional

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There is no denying is fact that Korean original soundtracks actually add life to the Korean Dramas. Unlike western countries, Korean drama has lots of songs with lyrics which plays a very essential role in building a story around the characters. OST’s are just not songs, they are the feeling and emotions of a Korean drama. Not only they build a mood of the scene but also evoke emotions of the viewers. KDrama OST makes viewers more attached to their storyline and makes them emotionally attached to the characters.

In recent times Korean Drama OST’s has moved out from Asia to another part of the world and has rapidly increased their fans at the international stage. There are some iconic OSTs which are now part of every viewer’s life and can never be forgotten.

This blog has brought you the list of 5 such iconic OST which is popular not only in Asia but outside as well:

1.Kim Chung Ha “Pit-a-Pat” – Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Who can forget this iconic drama where a sweet innocent girl born with superhuman strength is caught between the love of her childhood crush and gorgeous boss. This drama is incomplete without the mention of Kim Chung Ha. It is enough to put a smile on everyone’s face and reminds you of the butterflies you get when you fall in love.

2. Because I am Stupid – Boys Over Flower

This is one OST which is difficult to get out of the mind, not only because of the lyrics or sound but also the emotion that it evokes. It perfectly sums up the emotions and turmoil Kim goes through in this drama. It starts with the slow tempo but as the OST build up it creates a strong sense of connectivity with the drama.

3. Seo In Guk “Flower” – Tomorrow With You

What started as a loveless marriage with the only selfish motive between a time-traveling millionaire and a photographer becomes a most lovable and iconic drama of all time and Seo in Guk reminds just that.

4. Damiano feat. Jenyer “Amen” – Lookout

How can someone forget the Hardcore side of the OST. Amen hits the right emotion of this drama. You will be tempted to watch this whole series after listening to this intense OST.

5. Almost Paradise – Boys Over Flower

Last but not the least Almost Paradise. This is another OST which grabs a number in our list of top favorite soundtracks. This OST is all about love and a bittersweet relation of F4 and female lead Geum Jan Di. Almost Paradise sums up the whole series in just 4 minutes and it will be an injustice if we do not include it on our list.

These are the few amazing storylines that can drive you crazy, emotional, happy or sad, but all are really worth to watch once when you are free.

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