5 Most Famous Songs of Kpop Super Star Kim Jonghyun

Jonghyun at the SHINee Festival Tour in Shanghai

Undoubtedly, Jonghyun was one of the superstars of Korean music industry who had actually written and sung heart melting songs and also got millions of views over his releases. He was the SHINee’s most talented member and even releases special albums just to take his grin fact another level in this music industry. That’s not all! He wrote the lyrics and melodies for most of the songs in his solo career. However, with his great vocal quality and unique talent of writing amazing songs, has made him a superstar of this Korean pop industry.

In this blog, let’s have a look at the most beautiful Korean songs that have been written by Kim Jonghyun:

1. A Gloomy Clock

This was the first song written by Jonghyun but released by the other artists. A Gloomy Clock is actually composed withe the mid-tempo jazzy pop tune which will give you the feeling of airy vocals. Its tiny xylophone beats, rhythmic strings and bossa nova sounds make this song outstanding.

2. Lonely Feat

A Lonely Feat is a breathtaking, piano-guided, mid-tempo song that reflects the feeling of immense loneliness. Further, this song has been sung in heavy voice with snapping beats that directly touch the strings of your heart.

3. Skeleton Flower

It is one of the most wonderful releases that will make you remind your past time. Skeleton Flower is not like another musical soundtrack tracks, in fact, its lyrics, beats, music and the vocal quality of the singer will make you feel stunning after listening to this song.

4. Odd Eye

JungHyun is the most iconic performer of the SHINee boy band group, who not only wrote amazing Kpop songs for the Korean music industry but also rules his fans heart. Odd Eye is also one of those albums that have been composed of the beautiful lyrics and amazing beats.

5. Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)

The winging overflowed R&B tune with the heavy bass, riveting strings and filtered keys actually creates a lush sound for the vocalist that definitely drive you crazy.

These were the few most amazing songs written by Kim Jonghyun but as he took his own life now you no longer listen to his expressive music voice further. Fans can cherish the special albums of the Kim Jonghyun only by listening to his old albums again and again.

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