5 Interesting Facts About Most Popular Korean Pop Idols

Do you love following popular Korean singers? Want to know more about them? Unlock some of the interesting facts about your favorite Korean artist that you may not know ever before.

There is no surprise in this fact that Korean pop culture may explode to international stage these days and all these KDramas, movies, music and entertainment taking over the entertainment industry. However, there are still few interesting fact about the popular Korean pop artists that you may always want to know. This blog has revealed some of the uncommon facts about your favorite idols to further enhance your knowledge.

Here are the five unique facts about the Korean popular groups:

1. BTS Group

Do you know BTS group is most popular group on Youtube? BTS has always made you surprise with their new releases. Their highly talented and skilled team has ranked this group 11th on global youtube artist chart. BTS is the most viewed idol group in South Korean with around 48 crores.

2. Nichkhun

Nichkhun was originally in news to appears on “We Got Married” as Brown Eyed Girls’ who has been lawfully wedded with her husband. Later in the last minute, it was replaced by 2 AM’s Jo Kwon.

3. Suzy

No one knows that the youngest member of Miss A “Suzy” has started her career with the talent hunt auditioned where she was originally rejected in 2009. Luckily, a talent agent took notice of her and selected her. After that, she became a trainee at JYP Entertainment and debuted in Miss A.

4. Taecyeon

The famous Korean idol Taecyeon has proposed his first love with two rings in elementary school. One ring was silver and other was gold. The gold one was his mother’s wedding rings and he has given it to his dream girl.

5. Yura

Girl’s Day’s Yura, a popular dancer in Korean entertainment industry has insurance on her legs valued at $500,000. Her company, DreamT Entertainment, stated, “Yura’s legs are really long and don’t have a single wound. Because she is a dancer, she has to keep high insurance of her legs.

Every Korean idol has his own success stories but there is one thing common among all the idols is their dedication and hard work. You can get to know all about the unique facts of your favorite artists that no one has told you before.

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