5 Amazing Korean Drama Couples That Always Entertain You

Korean Dramas have been enjoyed massive popularity for the last decades but what makes these series so popular internationally? You can’t give all the credit to the Korean drama osts as these dramas are incomplete without all those popular yet highly talent Korean idols. Those are only Korean idols, who add life to these stories and make you entertain. No matter whether it’s a romantic story, comedy or any action drama, there are some of the best Korean couples that always make you entertained with their excellent acting skills and created a special space your heart.

Here are the 5 best Korean drama couples that always make you entertained:

1. Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye (Heartstrings)

YongShin actually makes a cute pairing that rules many hearts and makes the storylines cutter ever. There is no denying this fact that the two look so lovely together and it is revealed that they are very good friends in real life. During the press conference for “Heartstrings” that what exactly he feels about Shine. How comfortable for him while working with her co-actress “Shine”.

2. Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye

Another Cute couple on screen is the lead actors of the drama, “Coffee Prince”. With the cheerful personality of Yoon Eun and smart charisma of Gong Yoo, drama has made their fans crazy about their strong on-screen bonding. It is interesting to further know how amazing these two are in other dramas.

3. Rain and Song Hye Kyo

Who wouldn’t know this most romantic couple from the 2004 drama “Full House”? Everyone will be reminded of that cute pairing of “Mama Bear and Papa Bear”. The two played the role of being a cute and beautiful family under one roof despite being having so many troubles and difficulties.

4. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won

Another hit couple that touches the hearts of many k-drama lovers. The way Secret Garden has featured this most beautiful couple, the very handsome Hyun Bin and the queen of dramas, Ha Ji Won has created the special place in the heart of many Korean drama lovers.

5. Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won

The GooWon couple may not be the highlight of last few hit dramas but they gained the approval of many viewers with their complicated-yet-cute relationship. People always love watching their cute love fights and romance on screen.

These are the few hit Korean drama couples who have always make you entertain and make you realize that how special they are in your life. Without them, Korean dramas feel incomplete and lost their fun.

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