3 Due Diligence You Should Do Before Buying A Property

When you are buying a property and about to close the deal there can be a few things that you can still do to be sure if the decision you have made is right. The price and the looks are not the only things you should see in a property.


Here are some of the due diligence that Angus Reed suggested a buyer should do before closing the deal (Read Angus Reed Bio here):


  1. Financial Review

Ask all the financial information related to the property like the monthly maintenance charges, insurance, taxes and even the utility bills. Make sure to verify these numbers if possible. If renting the property is on your mind, make sure you ask the average monthly rent paid on the neighboring properties.


  1. Physical Inspection

You don’t wanna get caught up with costly repairs, right? It is thus important to get the inspection done by the specialized professionals. Inspections could include investigations for wood-destroying pests, roof conditions and plumbing and drainage inspection.

  1. Legal Evaluation

Finally, you need to check out if the property you are about to purchase is not entangled in some legal dispute. You should make sure that there is no dispute regarding the ownership and check for any liens on the property. These things are important to ensure you do not end up paying the debts of the previous owner.


If all these things that Angus Reed – a real estate expert, pointed out are met, you should carry on with the closing. Buying a property is a huge investment and there’s no harm in being a little assiduous.

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