2016. 01. 13.
First K-Box winners announcement!
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CLC BEST DEBUT OF 2015 (i want them to comeback)
WHEN WILL THEY COME BACK ???? clc was me favourite debut of 2015 . where did they go ??? when will they release again !!!!!!
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Park Bo Young – Leaving [Oh My Ghost ost] (cover Leenzs)
Original Artist: Park Bo Young Song name: Leaving (Oh My Ghost ost) Instrumental: Park Bo Young – Leaving (official instr) Recorded: Mobile sound Record Video: Movie maker I’m in a mood to record cover […]
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[RESULTS – KPOP GAME] which lightstick belongs to which fandom?
  If you havent already played the game click here results will be revealed in….. 3 2 1…..     1. B.A.P   2. Block B 3. 2PM 4. B1A4 5. Kim Hyun Joong 6. […]
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[KPOP GAME] which lightstick belongs to which fandom?
comment below your answers  Group names and initials on the lightstick are covered with stickers!   click here for the results
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Fun Facts About Minzy!
full name is Gong Min-ji. Her grandmother is Gong Okjin, A femous South Korean folk dancer. Her grandmother calls her puppy. Fan nicknamed her ero Minzy. She was scouted by YG himself. Minzy still dont know who posted her video on […]
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DREAMY PanStar one night cruise underneath the starry sky in KOREA
Have you ever dreamed of sailing the sea on a luxury cruise?   Well, here’s your chance to make your dream comes true!! XD You can see the sunset in the middle of the […]
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The first K-Boxes are flying in the air!
      Here’s another happy announcement!       The first K-Box is now flying to both Argentina and Columbia! For the winners of K-Box, this will be in your postbox within 2~3 […]
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Fact about Suho
Suho is EXO-K’s leader. According to the members, he is a kind and polite leader who likes to buy them delicious things to eat. He likes to resolve conflicts with peaceful conversations rather than […]
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Facts about KAI
Biography – Member Profile and Facts: Stage Name: Kai Real Name: Kim Jong In Nickname: Kkamjong, Dark Skin Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Face of the group Born: January 14th, 1994 Astrological Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Personality: […]
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Ulzzang Inspired Makeup Tutorial
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Fun Facts About CL!
CL’s English name is Faith Lee. CL are the initials of her real name, Lee Chae Rin Her religion is  Catholic. Her favorite colors are Black & White. She can speak  Japanese, French, Korean & […]
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Hi Guys ! I made Transform to cute boy :) I really hope you enjoy this video ! :3 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE AND BETTER VIDEOS PLEASE !
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Jung Ah is graduating from After School
Jung Ah has officially graduated from Afterschool. She left a message on her fan cafe and also posted the same message on her instagram and from instagram to her twitter.   As for the […]
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close-up of ALL of Gdragon’s tattoos!
    On the back: “Too Fast to Livem Too Young to Die,” which is a quote on one of Vivienne Westwood’s T-shirt design.  On his arms:  on his right is written “Vitta Dolce,” […]
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Fun Facts About Gdragon!
  G-Dragon’s full name is Kwon Ji-Yong. The name G-Dragon came from his real name Jiyong (G “지” [Ji] & “용” [Yong] which means “Dragon” in Korean. He was also born on the year […]
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Fun Facts About Lee Hi!
  Lee Hi’s real name is Lee Hayi. She was born in Bucheon, South Korea. she attended Sangil Middle School and the School of Performing Arts (Seoul, South Korea). She was the runner-up of […]
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Hi guys this is Hyuna Makeup Tutorial! I hope you are gonna enjoy this video! :3
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Korean snack subscription boxes
Today i will share and compare 3 Korean snack subscription boxes that deliver delicious Korean snacks all over the world! First and probably the best known – SNACKFEVER! Discover delicious KOREAN SNACKS and other […]
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Planning to visit Korea? Come&Stay can introduce you a safe, clean bed!
Don’t you think it’s hard to find a nice, neat place to say in foreign countries which are using foreign languages? Come&Stay can help you to find a perfect place for you! We have […]
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Fun Facts About Park Bom!
  Bom’s American name is Jenny Park!  Bom has an older sister named Park Go Eun whose a famous cellist in Korea. Bom is the youngest in her family but the oldest in 2NE1!  […]
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KoolJamNews: EXO’s Xiumin leg injury- should MBC get rid of Idol Star Athletics Championships?
4Minute Returns with ‘Act.7’ source: (x) 4Minute will reveal their seventh EP album “Act.7” at noon on Feb. 1, one year since the release of “Crazy” in February 2015. The members said they would start […]
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Anuncio de los primeros ganadores del K-Box 😁 (2016.01.13)
¿Cómo te va en KBeat :D? ¿Le has dado seguimiento a ver quien va a ganar el primer K-Box? ¡Bien, finalmente, estamos aquí para anunciar a TRES GANADORES de K-Box! ¿¿¿Estás listo??? Que ruede… […]
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First K-Box winners announcement! (2016.01.13)
español How are you doing in KBeat :D? Have you looked forward to seeing who are going to win first K-Box? Well, finally, we are here to announce THREE WINNERS of K-Box! Are you […]
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30sec teaser for ‘Sting’ released!
  Yesterday I left you guys with a 10second teaser and all the image  teasers for Stellar’s comeback. I woke up this morning and there was this 30second teaser up on the makestar site […]
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Stellar Teaser Update
All of Stellar have released their teaser images and now we also have a teaser for their MV which is slated to come out on January 18th. Minhee teaser Images HyoEun Teaser Images Gayoung […]
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SS501 are having a comeback tour,  except it’s just the UR Man subunit of Hyung Jun, Young Saeng and Kyu Jong. Why aren’t the other two getting involved as well? I really don’t know. […]
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Wanna see an After School Comeback?
(1/12/2016 8:49am CST) Fans online have started up a petition to get Afterschool on the schedule of 2016 comebacks. After Pledis released their plans for 2016 many Playboyz, Playgirlz and fans in general […]
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Help Stellar Out on Makestar
  On December 14th our beautiful girls of Stellar started a Makestar crowdfunding page for their next album release. They  set a goal of $8,418 or ₩10,000,000. In just 3 days they surpassed their […]
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Expresate y gana una KBox!
Estas disfrutando del servicio de KBeat Lyrics? Si es así, nos haces muy felices!^_____^ Comparte la fiebre del KPOP con nuestro servicio de Lyrics. Y mas personas disfrutaran del KPOP Ademas, daremos  de premio […]
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Your guide to Korean Makeup
Have you ever looked at those Korean makeup tutorials or seen your favorite idols with amazing makeup and thought “Wow, I wish I could look like that!”? SAY NO MORE (lol). Whether you have […]
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Memorable moments from Gayo Daejun 2015
Forgetting the problems with the mics, the camerawork, the producers, the unfair treatment… and… well anything to do with SBS… here we run down the funniest and memorable moments about Gayo Daejun 2015. moments listed […]
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[#4 K-MV explained] iKON – Dumb & Dumber
This time YG stans expalin their interpretation of the MV, ‘Dumb & Dumber’. we asked our followers on IG,@ygconfessions, a few questions about Ikon’s new MVand song. the questions asked were: Rate the song […]
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