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After all that negative talk lets not forgets everyone participation and the positive side of everyone, even MAMA. We aren’t going to include the awards because that itself is all positive so we’d like […]
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Was MAMA 2016 a mess?
There’s no surprise that every year there are a few slip ups in Mama BUT WAS 2016 the WORST year for mama?, here we list the disaster that was MAMA 2016. Taeyeon and Wiz Khalifa […]
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[LIVE] MAMA 2016 awards + stream
< Live Broadcast Schedule (KST) > 6 P.M. ~ 8 P.M. on December 2nd, 2016 : Red Carpet 8 P.M ~ 12 A.M on December 2nd, 2016 : Award Ceremony When MAMA 2016 starts […]
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BTS – Blood Sweat Tears Dance Cover by KrazyHK
KrazyHK is back with Blood Sweat Tears by BTS!! We did put blood, sweat and tears when doing the cover . Hope you guys like it!
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[VOTE] Kpop idols rocking red hair
Kpop idols are no stranger to colour hair…plus it’s always a sign for a possible comeback. Sometimes they rock it and other times they should bury it. Red always adds a fierceness to any […]
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Netizens thoughts on 2NE1 disband and Taehyun leaving Winner
The shocking news about 2NE1 disbanding and Taehyun leaving Winner both in one day was too much for fans of both groups. Fans expressed there sadness through our Instagram @itsygconfessions. We posted two posts about each […]
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Do you need a mobile application for your business?
When we talk about our business, there are many things that strike us and 1 in the list is a mobile application. Many companies have successfully developed and marketed their mobile applications to the […]
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    Kbeat为来韩国旅游的朋友们谋取了一个好福利 !! 最低价享受大邱旅行~~ 只要在10月24日 ~12月31日访问大邱的所有游客都可以享受一下优惠活动~   对于大邱你们可能不是很了解~我们KBEAT为大家制作了一些小视频,一起来了解了解吧~   此外也可以在微博里搜索关键字 #kbeat家族# #大邱# #大邱旅行# 观看更多有趣的小视频 更多优惠活动可点击一下网址或扫描二维码   
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Let’s travel Daegu, Korea for the cheapest price! Be the lucky one!!
    KBeat is giving you a big chance to travel Daegu at a nice price! please have a look at the poster below     Do you want to see what Daegu is […]
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MOMOLAND(모모랜드) JJan! Koong! Kwang!(짠쿵쾅) dance cover
We sure had fun with this dance cover~ This turns out to be a very nice and addictive song!!
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Melon music awards 2016: Performances
Performances BewhY – “Dejavu” and “Day Day” 10cm – “What the Spring?” SEVENTEEN –  “Very Nice” MAMAMOO – “You’re the Best” and “Décalcomanie” BLACKPINK – “Whistle” and “Playing With Fire” Apink’s Jung Eunji – […]
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Melon music awards 2016: Awards
Awards EXO Artist of the Year Top 10 Artists R&B/Soul – Baekhyun & Suzy Dance Netizen Popularity Award Kakao Hot Star Award Zico Top 10 Artists Rap/Hip Hop Hot Trend Award BTS Album of […]
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Blackpink Whistle dance cover by KrazyHK
Yup! Another dance cover video!! The dance cover of blackpink’s latest song – Playing with Fire is also coming, please stay tuned!
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Twice TT dance cover by KrazyHK (Funny Ver.)
Hey it’s KrazyHK again. We made a funny version dance cover of TT with the boys in our dance crew! Enjoy!
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Good Boy Kid Version My mother owns a private school and throughout the year, the students create music/ dance videos as well as put on performances of their favorite music or predetermined concepts. During the summer, two […]
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TWICE(트와이스) TT dance cover
Hello~ We are C ME from Hong Kong, back with a new dance cover of Twice’s TT! Please check out the video in the link~~
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If 2ne1 were youtubers
Recently alot of non-kpop centred youtubers have being reacting to kpop which made me think what kind of youtubers kpop idols may be if there weren’t idols…. lo and behold 2NE1 AS YOUTUBERS!! comment […]
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2NE1’S CL MTBD/Muslim controversy resurfaces
Back in 2014, When Cl’s solo, mental breakdown (MTBD), first released Muslims fans found that a portion of the background music was contained a verse from the Quran (Islamic holy book). This disappointed and upset Muslim […]
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Laboum Shooting Love Dance Cover
It’s Krazyhk again!! The latest dance cover is shooting love by Laboum enjoy!
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Black Pink – ‘Stay’ theory
Disclaimer – This is my interpretation of the MV and most likely doesn’t reflect YG’s intention and though it may seem far fetched I truly thought of this theory and I cant un-see it […]
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The future of plastic surgery
I recently came across a short film on youtube titled ‘Human Form – Korean Body Horror Film //’  this film is 12 minutes long (created in 2014) and the message is very deep, I […]
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Infinite The Eye Dance Cover
Hi everyone! This is KrazyHK which is a kpop dance cover crew from Hong Kong! Infinite The Eye is our latest dance cover hope you guys like it! Go to our youtube channel and […]
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Things you should do for a happy retired life
If you want to stay happy and enjoy the luxuries even after retirement, here are some points that should be kept in mind.   Make a list of your regular expenses The first point […]
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Cutest and funniest Kpop idol signatures
commonly when choosing a signature, celebs tend to show their personality and quick and simple. We have gather the cutest/funniest kpop idol signatures. here are the Cutest & funniest Kpop idol signatures (in no particular order) […]
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TOP 5 kpop songs for Halloween
What to get in the Halloween spirit? these kpop song will help you with that. here are top 5 kpop songs for Halloween 5. Twice – TT Since it’s the most recent and currently […]
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Kpop idols on filipino romance novel covers
This is by far the funniest thing I’ve seen. I first came across these photo taken by fans of kpop idols on Filipino romance novel covers on Instagram so I decided to search for […]
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Kpop idols best Halloween costumes
Halloween is right around the corner and nothing better then seeing your bias dress up for Halloween, we have created a list counting down the best costumes idols have worn so far. in no […]
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Black Pink – Boombayah DANCE COVER by Cherry
FOR BEHIND THE SCENES: DANCERS: Lisa = Emani (camo-pants) Jisoo = Ji-Na ( velvet top) Jennie = Jenna (95 top) Rose = Cherry (02 top) I hope you all enjoy! Anyway I hope […]
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Cheer Up dance cover
Twice is having a comeback on the 24th!!! What a great news for us T.T (yes i’m using the ”TT” already haha) Until then, please enjoy our cover of Twice’s last title song Cheer […]
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No Oh Oh dance cover
My favourite song from CLC. Our Elkie from Hong Kong also got a lot of parts in this title song for the first time! Shoutout from Hong Kong!!
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Navillera dance cover
#throwback Still got this song stuck in your head? I sure do coz God knows how many times I practised this dance haha
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Russian Roulette dance cover
Hello~ Check out our latest dance cover of Russian Roulette! We edited the video with the effects in the MV and specially booked a venue for the video~ We hope you enjoy it. Thank […]
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