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5 Interesting Facts About Most Popular Korean Pop Idols
Do you love following popular Korean singers? Want to know more about them? Unlock some of the interesting facts about your favorite Korean artist that you may not know ever before. There is no […]
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5 Original Soundtracks of Korean Dramas That Make You Feel Emotional
There is no denying is fact that Korean original soundtracks actually add life to the Korean Dramas. Unlike western countries, Korean drama has lots of songs with lyrics which plays a very essential role […]
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Why Are Korean Dramas Becoming So Popular Internationally?
There is no surprise in this fact that the quality of Korean dramas is just remarkable as it reflects the actual culture of Korea. Over the years, Korean dramas have introduced various new things […]
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TWICE “Heart Shaker” dance cover by C ME HK
Here comes our second comeback video!! We had so much fun doing this dance, we were all smiley!!  
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5 Most Romantic Korean Dramas That Everyone Should Watch
Have you been one of those who just used to sit in front of the TV and flip channels for hours, dissatisfied with the ongoing programs? If yes, then it is best to watch […]
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[KrazyHK] BTS (방탄소년단) – 고민보다 Go (GO GO) dance cover (Snow White 2018 ver)
Happy 2018! The first dance cover we released in 2018 is BTS – GO GO! BTS dropped their GO GO dance practice video in ‘Snow White’ characters’ costumes last Halloween, we were inspired by […]
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[KrazyHK] BTS (방탄소년단) – DNA dance cover
Have you discovered there are some new faces in this video? Let’s give a big clap to our new members, Ching, Nicole and Kae! Please enjoy the dance cover and let us know your […]
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Peek-A-Boo dance cover by C ME HK
Our last dance cover in 2017!! Check it out! More coming in this month ;)  
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5 Most Famous Songs of Kpop Super Star Kim Jonghyun
Undoubtedly, Jonghyun was one of the superstars of Korean music industry who had actually written and sung heart melting songs and also got millions of views over his releases. He was the SHINee’s most […]
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7 KPop Christmas Songs That Boost Your Festive Excitement
Christmas is just around the corner of this month and soon it will hit the world. However, have you been prepared for all your Christmas songs? No worries! This blog will highlight some of […]
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Catchop-CD Announces Special 5% Discount On Your Purchase
Get Registered With Catchop-CD to Get Additional Discount on Every Purchase Now buying Korean drama OSTs and DVDs are more affordable at Catchop-CD as they are offering you an additional 5% discount on your […]
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Congratulation, You are invited to Megan’s Fan-meeting (1st Draft)
  Here you have the details of location and schedule as below.    1) Location :    (English) Culture Reservatory, MapoGu JeongSan Ro 87, MapoGu, Seoul  (Korean) 서울 마포구 증산로 87 문화비축기지  (location Map) […]
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[Dance Cover] Ssenze – SNSD – Holiday
Hi, this is Ssenze from Singapore and we would like to share our cover of SNSD’s Holiday :)
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[KrazyHK] GFRIEND (여자친구) – Summer Rain (여름비) Cover Dance HK_1theK Dance Cover Contest
Yeah its our first time to join 1thek cover contest, please enjoy our new dance cover of Gfriend’s Summer Rain.💕 FOLLOW us for updates ☑ ✦YouTube – ✦Facebook – ✦Instagram:
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[KrazyHK][Reaction] BTS (방탄소년단) – DNA Comeback Show(170921) #BTS_DNA_Reaction
Hi everyone. Bts is back with new song DNA, we are so surprised about their new style which is really charismatic. Here is our reaction video of their first DNA comeback stage, hope you […]
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Best Suggested Sites To Buy Original K-pop Music CDs
Do you live outside the Korea and looking for the reliable sites that provide latest collection of K-pop music? You must consider these suggested sites to enjoy hassle-free shipping in Korean as well outside […]
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I’m happy to announce this giveaway for my fans! Each prize was hand picked by me in South Korea! #allyssetvgiveaway Here’s the rules more in detail so there’s no confusion. They’re very simple but […]
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SUNMI(선미) _ Gashina(가시나) dance cover by C ME HK
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[KrazyHK]BLACKPINK – 마지막처럼 (AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST) Cover Dance HK
Long time no girl group cover!! and here we bring the blackpink’s new song dance cove!! Please enjoy.
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Wanna One (워너원) – 에너제틱 (Energetic) – Dance Cover
Wanna One (워너원) – 에너제틱 (Energetic) – Dance Cover My first dance cover! I am a proud Wannable and Wanna One is such an amazing group! I had to make a cover as soon […]
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Red Velvet 레드벨벳_빨간 맛 (Red Flavor)_dance cover by C ME HK
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BLACKPINK – ‘마지막처럼 (AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST)’ dance cover by C ME HK
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PRODUCE 101 Center of YouㅣShape of You Mirrored Dance Tutorial by C ME HK
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TWICE “SIGNAL” & GFRIEND(여자친구) _ FINGERTIP dance cover by C ME HK
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[KrazyHK]SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) _ 울고 싶지 않아(Don’t Wanna Cry) Cover Dance HK
Yeahhhhhhh!!! The latest cover video is available please take a look and give us a thumb up. We really wanted to cry when we were shooting because it was too hot that day!! Shooting […]
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[KrazyHK] 170716 Seventeen – NO F.U.N + Pretty U + Boom Boom Kpop World Festival in HK 2017
It’s a great honour to take part in the Kpop World Festival 2017 in Hong Kong. Go to check our performance!!
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[KrazyHK]NU’EST(뉴이스트) – HELLO(여보세요) Short ver. Cover Dance HK
Produce 101 season 2 ended!! Congratulation to those boys who can be a member of WANNA ONE. Nu’est  members has caught our eyes so we made a cover of their Hello which is one of […]
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[KrazyHK]NU’EST(뉴이스트) – HELLO(여보세요) Short ver. Cover Dance HK
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  My first time wearing a hanbok. What’s a hanbok? A hanbok is a korean traditional dress! This studio has so many to choose from. If you’re ever in Seoul, you should try it […]
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Black Pink – As If It’s Your Last Dance Cover
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MASSIVE KPOP SALE (INCLUDES SIGNED ALBUMS): Hi all, I’m heading off to college so I need to get rid of some of my precious collection. Everything besides the SISTAR album is in Brand New […]
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PRODUCE 101 Center of YouㅣShape of You dance cover by C ME HK
We are finally back with a cover! It is the legendary performance of Shape of You in Produce 101 Season 2. Check it out from the link! We will also have a group cover […]
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