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Are Twice MOMO and BTS Jin Friends?
[enter-talk] IS TWICE MOMO CLOSE WITH BANGTAN JIN? Look how he’s starring at Twice he wants to flirting with her   featured source:pannchoa
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Kpop idols falls and accidents on stage.
Kpop idols falls and accidents on stage. some of these are ‘laughing at my mistakes’ moment and some of these are painful, we hope that they are ok. And this is when Taeyang’s life […]
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All about Black Pink – Lisa
Birth Name: Lalisa Manoban/ลลิสา มโนบาล Nickname: Lalice, Laliz, Pokpak Birthday: March 27th 1997 Nationality: Thailand Height: (around) 168 -170cm Position: Main Dancer, Maknae Trainee Period: 5+ Years Miscellaneous:  Childhood friends with GOT7′s Bambam. Lisa […]
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All about Black Pink – ROSÉ
Birth Name: Roseanne Park Chaeyoung/박채영/朴彩英 Nickname: Rose, Rosie Birthday: February 11th 1997 Nationality: Australia Height: (around) 167 -170cm Position: Main Vocal Trainee Period: 4+ Years Miscellaneous: Born and raised in Melbourne & Box Hill, where she attended Canterbury Girls Secondary College. […]
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All about Black Pink – Jisoo
Birth Name: Kim Jisoo/김지수/金智秀 Nickname: Chi Choo, Jichu Birthday: June 20th 1995 Nationality: South Korea Position: Visual, Sub-Vocal Trainee Period: 5+ Years Appearances and features: [links provided for MV] Acted in EPIK HIGH’s ‘SPOILER’ […]
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All about Black Pink – Jennie
  Birth Name: Jennie Kim/제니김/Jennie金 Nickname: Jendeuk Birthday: January 16th 1996 Nationality: Netherlands Height: (around) 160cm Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Vocal Trainee Period: 6+ Years Miscellaneous: Fluent in Korean, Japanese, and English. She studied […]
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All about Black Pink – YG new girl group!
Black Pink consists of 4 members – Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo Order of member announcement: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé Member’s profile: (click on image of member to direct you to profile) Previously referred […]
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Yes Finally!!! Topp Dogg’s CD has arrived to Zahyra Valdez!
  I was so worried if the ToppDogg’s signed CD would be lost because it has been almost 2 months since I had sent the CD to her!     She was also so […]
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Kpop idols selfies habits
Everyone has a favourite pose, you may notice it yourself but I’m sure your friends notice your constant use of the same post… These kpop idols have their fav poses too some use it […]
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Idol group members you thought were leaders [PART 2]
  CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 I’m sure everyone who’s a fan of kpop has one time or another mixed up the members roles, more commonly the leaders and the maknaes.  We have already […]
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Idol group members you thought were leaders
I’m sure everyone who’s a fan of kpop has one time or another mixed up the members roles, more commonly the leaders and the maknaes.  We have already covered the members you thought were […]
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Do you want to come to Korea for FREE? Here’s the chance!
    What do you come up in your mind when you think of Korea? Let us know! Then you’ll be able to come to Korea for FREE!   Talk Talk Korea is having […]
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Mods for XRumer & Hrefer by SwS
Mods for XRumer & Hrefer by SwS BOARDS by SwS Модификация XRumer для рассылки по доскам объявлений. Данный мод предназначен для рассылки своих объявлений на доски объявлений. Возможности: размещение своих объявлений, контактных данных и […]
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Finally received the first response from one of the ToppDogg CD winners!
Look what I’ve received!       It’s ToppDogg’s CD response XD!   It’s been so long since I had sent CDs to winners, and finally I’ve got the first response from them! I […]
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Cute puppy eyes makeup :3
Hi guys! I hope you enjoy this cute puppy eyes makeup ! :3 Please give it like if you enjoyed the video and subscribe for more and better videos :) Thank you all!
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El grupo masculino EXO regresó con su álbum “EX’ACT” arrasando así con las ventas que superan a su primer y segundo álbum estudio. “LUCKY ONE” y “MONSTER” son los dos vídeos musicales que acompañan […]
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EXO – Monster
song: 8/10 – I perfer this song compared to lucky one. love the beat and vocals, wasnt feeling the rap cause I know they only add it in so all members have lines  Mv, concept and possible […]
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EXO – Lucky one: Theory
song: 9/10 – Tbh the song sounds like something you hear in an advertisement, itd be perfect for a laptop ad hahah! most kpop groups take turns singing but I notice exos vocal line bounce back […]
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2NE1 – Come back home (Live Cover)
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[POLL] should we include Minzy in confessions?
FOR YG CONFESSION FOLLOWERS! As you guys know, Minzy has left 2ne1, and that leaves us editors in a conflict on whether to keep minzy in future 2ne1 confessions or crop her out. We […]
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Minzy and Luna look alike?
is it just me or are Minzy and luna starting to look alike! this is obviously in a good way as both girls are pretty, but with Luna solo debut recently I noticed the […]
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Luna (F(x)) – Free Somebody
song: 7/10 – Her vocals are amazing and the song is fun. I like how you also get a hint of f(x) style in the song, most solo debuts tend to drift away from their […]
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  song: 5/10 – Its not as good as previous EXID songs, after listening to it the first time, I had already forgot it but I’m sure with time I’m gonna start liking it. I […]
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Things to keep in mind while packing your bags for the weekend trip.
If you are planning to go on a weekend trip, you probably know what is to be packed and what is to be left out. However, there are a number of things to be […]
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Netizens Claim something between BTS Jin and Red Velvet Wendy
        BTS Jin choose red velvet as his favorite girl group look at each other   jin excited during wendy’s dance performance   source:pann
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星空之夏·明星生活+活动现场 以韩流为基础的MCN演艺公司KBEAT(Good Time With Me)与中国最大视频门户网站合一<优酷土豆>签订了韩流文化视频供给的专属合约。KBEAT(Good Time With Me)在之后的五年时间里在合一(优酷土豆)这个平台上通过“KBEAT中韩兄弟”这档节目以采访,综艺节目的形式传播KPOP为主的韩国明星的资讯 KBEAT中韩兄弟是KBEAT像中国发展的一档节目,安迪A47(AndyA47)作为主要的MC,用自己特有的风格采访或者主持并引导这一档节目   合一(优酷土豆)CEO 古永锵 合一(优酷土豆)的CEO 古永锵在过去的23日 北京的W酒店里举行的优酷“星空之夏·明星生活+之夜”的活动中说到:”2016年是优酷大变局的一年,资本层面的私有化、技术层面VR的发力,让内容创作有了更多的新玩法,让粉丝充分参与到内容创作、互动、和内容分享当中;让自频道主获得更多垂直内容出口、更直观的粉丝画像和更强的粉丝粘性。优酷将与合作伙伴一起创造更丰富、多元、美好的无限可能,希望更多人通过优酷自频道十大武器‘玩转垂直内容,打造明星生活方式’。”并且还说道“优酷更为合作的明星、制作机构提供了“明星+内容+电商”的新玩法,创造“明星生活+”的更多价值。为此,合一(优酷土豆)在2016年通过P.G.C((Proffesional Generated Content) 这个项目和11位网络视频工作者签订了合约,在这其中 KBEAT中国兄弟是唯一一个韩国公司。 另一方面,合一(优酷土豆)的综艺频道的 明星品类高级总监Jason说到“非常期待具有正能量的韩国公司KBEAT也相信KBEAT中韩兄弟能够给观众朋友们带来更好的视听盛宴。特别是对于KPOP偶像组合出身,并且身兼音乐制作人在网络上也具有非常大的影响力的我们主持人安迪A47(AndyA47)有着很大的期望也坚信他会是中国与韩国之间的一个重要的桥梁。之后,合一(优酷土豆)也有意向在时尚,生活,美食等多种多样的频道上与我们KBEAT有更多的合作 合一(优酷土豆)是中国最大的视频门户网站,拥有约5亿名使用者是中国视频网站里规模最大的网站,去年(2015年)约以56亿美金的价格被中国最大电商公司阿里巴巴收购。   出席活动的KBEAT中韩兄弟的安迪A47
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  THANK YOU all for entering our giveaway! we hope you had fun… sadly have to pick one winner only! we have messaged the WINNER on Instagram DM! the winner of the giveaway will […]
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Jessica – fly
  song: 8/10 – I like songs that inspirational, I’m not a fan of SNSD so I’ve never really focused on all the members vocals, including Jessica, here her vocals alone I dint find it the […]
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AOA – Good Luck
Recent controversy a side, I just want to focus on this comeback! song: 7/10 – The songs good but not their best! since Jimin has a very unique rapping style, not all songs would suit her, […]
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  BIG BANG LIGHTSTICK As a thank you for 100K followers we are giving one lucky follower a Big Bang Lightstick (color of their choice) HOW TO TAKE PART IN GIVEAWAY? We have created […]
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[GAME] YG Guess The MV part 2
  scroll down to view the answers, comment your score! Epik High – Don’t hate me Lee Hi – Rose iKON – Airplane AKMU – Melted Big Bang – Tonight Taeyang – Ringa Lina […]
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[GAME] YG Guess The MV part 1
  scroll down to view the answers, comment your score! Lee Hi – Breathe Big Bang – Lets not fall in love 2NE1 – Missing you Winner – Baby baby iKON – Dumb&dumber THIS […]
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