KBEAT’s exclusive interview with “VAV”
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KBEAT’s exclusive interview with “VAV”
    VAV, a handsome boy group, had an exclusive interview with KBEAT. VAV is the idol group which has Korean and Chinese members both, and they are popular in both Korea and China. […]
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Another K-Box response has arrived! From Michele Paguay
Happy news from Ecuador! One of our good friend Michele Paguay has sent us the response of our K-Box! She was one of the second K-Box winner, and she finally received the K-Box T_T […]
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Marco, Seoul Mafia, has debuted as a YouTuber!!
            Marco, an Italian guy, has debuted as a YouTuber! His YouTube channel is called Seoul Mafia, and if you want to see his first video, please CLICK HERE. […]
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[GAME] Winner: Dating Door – hairstyle
  Pick an image to reveal who you will date! images are assigned to best suit each members personality. Pick the image of your (current or goals) hairstyle. scroll down to reveal the results. Comment who you […]
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4th K-boxes are shipped away (OwO)
    Yesterday, I shipped away the forth K-Boxes! It was so happy to see all K-Beaters leave comments on lyrics pages!       K-Box giveaway is now stopped for a while, though, […]
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TWICE’s ‘cheer up’ possible reference
  Twice’s new comeback is here and their MV had so many different themes and element, while the reference to a lot of different character isn’t new in kpop MVs, it was interesting to […]
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[GAME] Big Bang: Dating Door – makeup
  Pick an image to reveal who you will date! images are assigned to best suit each members personality. Pick the image of your (current or goals) makeup style. scroll down to reveal the results. All makeup looks are […]
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Hard practice…
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K-POP Workout Playlist (FEMALE IDOLS)
Whether you’re learning the dances to slim down or you’re listening to them at the gym, these songs will help you sweat the good stuff! (The abs help a little, too)
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Hello. Can someone post the original lyrics and translations of GIRLS GIRLS’s “여자여자” Single Version and Music Video Version? I didn’t find it. Thanks.
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KBEAT家族一直致力于KPOP 事业之中,最近我们KBEAT家族变身中国侦探,尝了一尝中国的美食。 在第一期视频里,我们中国侦探们品尝了中国的瓜子,哇哈哈钙奶还有松花蛋这几样美食,视频里侦探们真是有趣的反应让我们也忍俊不禁       话说瓜子小编一晚上能吃好几包 啊哈哈~~不过我们中国侦探也爱上了香瓜子,拍摄结束也不停的在吃 哇哈哈,受到了大家的一系列好评~看来大家都是有点“初丁”(小学生)口味啊^^不过哇哈哈酸酸甜甜的小编相信不喜欢的朋友应该不多吧。 最后,我们第一期视频的重点来了~松花蛋+二锅头~ 松花蛋其实伴着香菜啊食醋等蘸料吃才更美味 !但是,小编想让我们中国侦探们更加接地气~!尝尝原味的吧…这反应~真叫一个绝了..!再加上一口烈酒,真也是没sei了朋友们~!! 总结下来就是我们中国侦探的视频有毒~!朋友们慎点啊~ 为什么?因为一旦看第一遍~你就会不停的看第二遍….. 小编不会告诉你们自己看了不下50遍!!   作为刚起步的kbeat的中国部大家族来说还有很多不足和需要完善的部分~我们会一直一直不停歇,所以正在读这篇字的你~每一个你~我们需要你!! 需要你真心的微笑~ 需要你的关注~ 需要你的支持~ 需要你的建议~ 新来的小编在这里代表kbeat中国部的所有家族成员给大家在这里问好~我们所有成员会马上就和大家正式见面~请期待我们~关注我们~谢谢! 最后,想告诉大家的是我们中国侦探还会继续继续推出一系列有趣的视频,小编也相信大家也会多多期待的 最后的最后  献上我们中国侦探的第一期视频^^
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Happy J day and let’s count down!
The time just flies, doesn’t it? Our Ice Princess, Jessica Jung who was born on April 18 1989 is now 27 (28 in Korean age) Jessica sure grew up fast. She is now really […]
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What’s in the LAST K-Box? Let’s have a look :D
Have you seen the latest update of K-Box giveaway? Those who haven’t: CLICK HERE(                                    IN SPANISH( We’re […]
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[GAME] 2NE1: spot the difference!
  spot the 10 difference in the second photo! scroll down to view the answer… comment below your score: /10 want a hint? highlight the here ‘hellooo !!‘        
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My first article❤
See u soon!
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Fun collaboration between Mikey Bustos and KBEAT!
    Check out Mikey’s YouTube video collaborated with KBEAT :         A famous Filipino YouTuber Mikey Bustos and KBEAT, an MCN company based in Korea, filmed a collaboration video called Other […]
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[K-Box]Anuncio de los tercero ganadores del K-Box 😁
  Annyeong-! (Hola) Ayer en Corea, hubo una elección de miembros para la Asamblea Nacional.   Así que los ganadores del 4to K-Box serán anunciados el día de hoy ¡AHORA MISMO!   ¡El primer […]
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4th K-Box winners, and an important announcement!
  Annyeong-! (Hello)   Yesterday in Korea, there was an election of members for the National Assembly.   So the 4th K-Box winners will be announced today RIGHT NOW!     The first winner is, Mari […]
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Accepting yourself is not impossible
It can be difficult for you, but it isn’t impossible. So, you should think of ways in which you can accept yourself and be happy with who you are.   So, scrapping the theory, […]
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Blackjacks discuss Minzy’s withdraw from 2ne1! PART 2
  After the news about Minzy wanting to part ways with 2ne1 our (/ygconfessions) was flooded with blackjacks sharing their opinions about the matter! If you want to know what others think about […]
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Latina Saram, 200k en 4 dias!
Hola a todos y feliz primavera! (O otoño para algunos xD) Hoy les traigo una noticia super buena, para empezar esta estacion de la forma indicada! La Youtuber Nalu del canal Latina Saram ha […]
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We’ve got a video response of Topp Dogg’s CD from Wolfgang!
  Finally we’ve got a response from the last third winner of Topp Dogg’s singed CD! This time, the response came with a video!! ♡ Have a look!  She’s soooo lovely T_T She has […]
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What’s in the third K-Box? Let’s have a look :D
  Here comes the Third K-Box!   Since it’s April which is the beginning of Spring, the third K-Box is going to be the special Spring addition XD!   Full of Spring colors such as […]
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Second review of Topp Dogg’s CD from Fua Vang!
  Happy news from Fua Vang has arrived!   She has successfully received ToppDogg’s CD :D When she participated in this giveaway event, her Facebook post touched us. And then now, for the review, […]
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KAISTAL: The Dream Couple Comes True
Hello, April! Hello, Kbeaters! I’m happy to come back and greet all of you. Hope you have a good day in 2nd day of April. ^^ Whoa, It’s early april and once again Dispatch […]
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NALU acaba de colaborar en un super video con TOPP DOGG Generosamente Topp Dogg dió a Latina Saram cds autografados, y vamos a dar 3 CDS de regalo, en este super GIVEVAWAY! Los cds […]
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Las 5 comidas mas extrañas de Corea!
Eres de esas personas que prueba cualquier cosa cuando esta de viaje en algun pais extranjero porque sabes que quiza la oportunidad no vuelva a aparecer? O eres de esos que ni locos probarian […]
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Happy Review from Marilyn, a Topp Dogg CD Winner!
How long has it been since we shipped Topp Dogg’s signed CDs? Has it been two weeks? Well, finally we received a very happy first review from one of the winners, Marilyn! She sent […]
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BTS Jungkook female version Lovelyz Yein
Lovelyz Yein resemblance to BTS Jungkook gain attention again in korea after episede 6 of SBS reality show “Lovelyz in Wonderland” BTS Jungkook and Lovelyz Yein resemblance reseived attention in korean social media when korean netizens called yein to female […]
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K-POP Workout Playlist (MALE IDOLS)
Whether you’re learning the dances to slim down or you’re listening to them at the gym, these songs will help you break a sweat and blast away stress! (The abs help a little, too)
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Third K-BOX winners announcement (2016.03.22)
  Did you hear the news??? The third K-Box winners have been announced today!! WATTT –             YES. This is the 3rd K-Box winners announcement! We had been doing […]
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OMG- It’s Oh My Girl!
 Found you, Oh My Girl! Has anyone heard about these girls? Well I have and I love them. They debuted back in 2015, April 20th to be precise and didn’t receive that much attention, […]
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